Lost Waterfalls of New England

Here are some of the best waterfalls in the White Mountains region of New Hampshire and Maine that have either been "lost" over the years, or have never really been popular due to the level of difficulty required to reach them. Most of these waterfalls require difficult bushwhacks and should only be attempted by those confident in their abilities to travel off-trail and are able to rely on map & compass if such a situation arose. There are likely dozens more worthwhile waterfalls hidden in the White Mountains that are not yet listed here. New waterfalls will continue to be added to this list as more are discovered.

The ultimate map to use to find these waterfalls (along with all the other waterfalls of the White Mountains) is the Exploring New Hampshire's White Mountains map, which was published in 2009 by The Wilderness Map Company. It can be somewhat tough to find online (Amazon.com doesn't even have it), but most of the tourist towns in the White Mountains (i.e. Lincoln and Conway) have this map for sale. Another great map is the White Mountains Waterproof Trail Map. The AMC White Mountain Guide maps are also excellent.

Hawthorne Falls Extremely Difficult bushwhack heads west off the Gale River Trail; this is a very impressive and wildly remote waterfall
Sparkling Cascade Unknown Difficulty one of two waterfalls rumored to lie upstream of Ripley Falls; it is believed that this one is on Edwards Brook
Holden Falls Unknown Difficulty one of two waterfalls rumored to lie on side-stream near Bridal Veil Falls
Walker Cascade Difficult access supposedly begins off of the Old Bridle Path in Franconia Notch (trailhead on I-93), but we've never seen a picture of this waterfall, so it may not exist, or it may just be small cascades
Noble Falls Unknown Difficulty one of two waterfalls rumored to lie on side-stream near Bridal Veil Falls
Cascade Ravine Unknown Difficulty additional waterfalls off of Israel Ridge Path; pictures indicate several impressive falls
Little Tunnel Brook Falls Unknown Difficulty access may be possible off the Benton Trail on Mt. Moosilauke; may be two sets of falls in 0.5 mile span
The Pleiades Unknown Difficulty access appears to be a difficult bushwhack off the Gorge Brook Trail on Mt. Moosilauke
Stark Falls Difficult short ramble off Kancamagus Highway
Baston Falls Unknown Difficulty local swimming hole in Woodstock
Blue Ravine Falls Unknown Difficulty bushwhack in Benton
Shell Cascades Unknown Difficulty supposedly a short bushwhack, but could be on private property; Waterville Valley area
Dixie Falls Unknown Difficulty town of Dix's Grant
Alpine Cascades Unknown Difficulty tall and very scenic waterfall in Gorham; access is via an ATV trail that starts at the end of Devens Street; Cascade Brook; other falls can be found upstream, but are more difficult to get to
Appalachian Cascades Unknown Difficulty rumored waterfall requiring bushwhack of unknown difficulty off Gulf of Slides Ski Trail
Davis Brook Falls Unknown Difficulty series of beautiful waterfalls in Crawford Notch
Talford Brook Cascade Unknown Difficulty Thorton
Rose Garland Falls Unknown Difficulty Warren; several horsetails and cascades
Jackman Falls Unknown Difficulty North Woodstock; several horsetails and cascades
Chudacoff Falls Unknown Difficulty pictures indicate this is partially visible off George's Gorge Trail; extremely seasonal
Bridesmaid Falls Unknown Difficulty unknown access; also called Noble Falls
Garfield Stream Cascades Unknown Difficulty unknown access
Hubbard Brook Gorge Unknown Difficulty small cascades; requires bushwhack; Woodstock area
Ellens Falls Difficult bushwhack off the Kancamagus Highway
Great Gulf Falls Unknown Difficulty unknown access
West Branch Brook Falls Unknown Difficulty unknown access
The Cascades Unknown Difficulty near Mount Cilley, North Woodstock
Charlie's Falls Unknown Difficulty unknown access
Raymond Cataract Extremely Difficult extremely difficult and potentially dangerous; between Huntington & Tuckerman's Ravine
Sylvan Glade Cataract Unknown Difficulty one of two waterfalls rumored to lie upstream of Ripley Falls
Cuba Falls Unknown Difficulty located in the town of Orford; technically outside of the WMNF
Little Hellgate Falls Unknown Difficulty near Mt. Magalloway; technically outside of the WMNF
Field Cascades Unknown Difficulty access via Zealand Road; bushwhack required; several attractive horsetails and appears to be a swimming hole as well
Rollo Falls Moderate bushwhack between Castle Trail and Lowe's Path off US-2 in Randolph; bushwhack appears to be relatively easy
Unnamed Falls Unknown Difficulty there may be additional waterfalls along Gordon Pond Brook or one of the nearby side streams (other than Gordon Falls)
Unnamed Falls Unknown Difficulty horsetail on Dearth Brook off the Cobble Hill Trail; access may or not be easy; western WMNF
Unnamed Falls Unknown Difficulty slightly promising waterfall or set of falls on Black Brook; off the abandoned Beech Hill Trail off NH 112
Unnamed Falls Unknown Difficulty attractive 40-50ft waterfall off-the-beaten track in Rumney; technically outside of the WMNF
Slide Brook Falls Unknown Difficulty promising set of falls on Slide Brook on the west side of South Kinsman Mountain
Halfway Brook Falls Unknown Difficulty there appears to be several attractive waterfalls on Halfway Brook; start bushwhack off Nancy Pond Trail
Davis Brook Falls Unknown Difficulty strong evidence exists that there is at least one promising waterfall on Davis Brook in Crawford Notch


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