The following is a list of additional waterfalls in Massachusetts that I haven't visited yet or I have made a visit but elected not to create a separate page for the falls for one reason or another (i.e. it was located on private property, it was unimpressive, it was a dam, etc.). If you are looking for the main list of waterfalls in Massachusetts that I have visited and documented, click here.

For lists of additional waterfalls that I still need to visit and document in the other New England states, click one or several of these links:
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MA Ashford Brook Falls unknown New Ashford this is a rumored waterfall on Ashford Brook that is almost certainly located on PRIVATE PROPERTY; also known as Falls on Ashford Brook
MA Ashley Falls unknown Sheffield this is a waterfall on the Konkapot River and it is almost certainly located on PRIVATE PROPERTY; GPS = 42.053571, -73.335187
MA Barre Falls / Barre Falls Dam POOR Barre this is a DAM on the East Branch of the Ware River
MA Bassett Brook Falls-South Branch unknown Adams this waterfall on the South Branch of Bassett Brook is also called "Silver Fox Falls" and "Falls on Bassett Brook" and "Cascades on Upper Bassett Brook #2"; may be visible from the Silver Fox Trail; Mt. Greylock area; I believe visiting both the falls on the South Branch and the falls on the North Branch (see entry below) require a total hike of 2.1 miles each way
MA Bassett Brook Falls-North Branch unknown Adams this waterfall on the North Branch of Bassett Brook may be beside or close to Old Adams Road; this waterfall is also known as "Cascades on Upper Bassett Brook #1"; "At a point where the trail makes a little zig from southwest to northwest, I looked down into a steep ravine to see another impressive falls"; Mt. Greylock area
MA Bear Hole Falls
FAIR West Springfield this is a small waterfall on Paucatuck Brook; located within the "Bear Hole Reservoir", which seems like it may have become a conservation property in 2015 or 2016; access is likely be via Bear Hole Road (Bear Hole Road is off Dewey Street) or Great Plains Road; good information can be found here >
MA Beaver Brook Falls POOR Dracut this is a DAM on Beaver Brook; GPS = 42.668720, -71.328928
MA Becket Gorge Falls FAIR Becket these falls on Shaker Mill Brook are located on PRIVATE PROPERTY; you'll probably want to skip this one, although I have heard reports that the owner(s) may allow you to visit the falls if you ask politely; also known as Becket Center Falls and Becket Ravine Falls
MA Bradley Falls FAIR South Worthington there is a high probability that these falls on the Little River are located on PRIVATE PROPERTY, but some of the falls should be viewable from roadside on MA 112 / Huntington Road near its junction with Ireland Street; estimated to be 30 feet tall; also called South Worthington Falls; GPS = 42.342956, -72.888990
MA Brigham Falls POOR Hubbardston these falls looked unimpressive per (now defunct); there is a good chance these falls are actually a DAM; I tried to search for more information about these falls in 2017 but came up short
MA Canada Falls GOOD Sunderland these falls are located on PRIVATE PROPERTY
MA Cascade on the Little River FAIR Huntington these falls on the Little River are only 3 or 4 feet fall; this may still be a pretty site, despite the miniature size of the falls; access is via MA 112 and the falls should be visible from roadside
MA Cascades at Bassett Reservoir POOR Chesire Harbor this is a set of cascades on the Bassett Brook below a DAM; this is not the same falls as "Bassett Brook Falls-North Branch" or "Bassett Brook Falls-South Branch"; the falls are near-roadside; access via Reservoir Road; GPS = 42.595571, -73.145455
MA Cascades at Green River Linear Park POOR Williamstown this is a set of very small falls (none taller than 4 feet) on the Green River within the Green River Linear Park; all of the falls are within 0.1 mile of the trailhead
MA Cascades in Cold River Gorge FAIR Drury these are two cascadses on the Cold River within this gorge; the falls can both supposedly be viewed from roadside (MA 2); the parking area for the lower falls is near where MA 2 passes Black Brook Road; the upper falls are about 1.0 mile further (west?) on MA 2
MA Cascades on Buck River FAIR Sandisfield there are two falls on the Buck River here, and each is about 4 feet tall; I couldn't find either of these falls in 2009, but I forgot to bring good directions with me; access supposedly via MA 57; the falls should be near roadside and I expect them to be very closer to this coordinates = 42.107380, -73.107388
MA Cascades on Dunbar Brook FAIR Monroe there are several small cascades along Dunbar Brook in Monroe State Forest; the state forest has some lean-tos available for backpackers; trailhead is on River Road; the hike to the falls is estimated to be 1.0-1.25 miles one-way
MA Cascades on Mill Brook POOR Lenox there is one primary waterfall and several very small cascasdes on Mill Brook within October Mountain State Forest; all of the falls are near roadside; access via Roaring Brook Road
MA Cascades on Pelham Brook POOR Rowe these are very small cascades on Pelham Brook; access via Rowe Road
MA Cascades on Shaker Brook POOR Hancock this is an extremely small cascade below a DAM on Shaker Brook; reaching the falls and DAM requires a 0.5 mile hike one-way; the trailhead is within the Hancock Shaker Village (which is one of MA's finest historical attractions)
MA Cascades, The (Gill) unknown Gill these on Cascade Brook falls are most likely located on PRIVATE PROPERTY; Cascade Brook flows into the Fall River near South Cross Road; Google Maps pegs the location at these coordinates, but I'm not sure if that's correct or not = 42.620362, -72.545376
MA Cascades, The (Worcester) FAIR Worcester these are seasonal but pretty falls in high water; the main falls should be viewable from on or near Cataract Street in the southeastern end of Cascade Park; estimated 40-foot total drop 
MA Chesterfield Gorge POOR Chesterfield this gorge is very impressive (perhaps MA's most impressive), but there are only extremely tiny cascades and rapids here
MA Chicopee Falls POOR Chicopee this is a DAM on the Chicopee River below the Deady Memorial Bridge on MA 141
MA Clear Falls unknown Easthampton this appears to be a small set of cascades on the North Branch of the Manhan River per this photo:; also known as Manhan Falls; I suspect the falls are below a DAM; perhaps this is the spot? GPS = 42.287703, -72.736192; these falls may be on PRIVATE PROPERTY; there is a small chance that this is the same place as Loudville Falls, although Loudville seems like it is on a different water source
MA Cohasse Falls unknown Southbridge this is a rumored waterfall on Cohasse Brook, although there is a chance this is just a DAM
MA Danforth Falls FAIR Hudson this is a small waterfall on Danforth Brook; I am not sure if there is public access to these falls, although I can see on Google Maps there is some conservation land nearby
MA Dead Branch Falls unknown South Worthington this is a rumored waterfall on Dead Branch; you can see some whitewater on Google Maps for these falls (GPS = 42.341570, -72.825953), but I'm not sure how big or tall they are, or if there is public access or not
MA Dean Falls unknown Oakham these falls may be on PRIVATE PROPERTY; these falls are supposedly "located on Crawford Road at Lake Dean / Dean Pond"
MA Fall in East Windsor POOR Windsor I visited these falls on Alder Meadow Brook in 2009 and I was not impressed; there are thousands of uninspiring cascades like these throughout New England; easy roadside viewing from the intersection of River Road, Worthington Road and Old Route 9
MA Fall in South Egremont POOR South Egremont this is a very small cascade on Hubbard Brook; the falls themselves are almost certainly located on PRIVATE PROPERTY but you may be able to see some or all of them from the road itself (MA 41 and MA 23 near the Old Mill Restaurant)
MA Falls along the Bellows Pipe Trail GREAT Adams this is a series of impressive but somewhat seasonal cascades on the east side of Mt. Greylock; some falls are on the Thunderbolt Ski Trail; also known as Bellows Pipe Falls; a moderately difficult hike of 1.5-1.75 miles each way is required to reach all the falls
MA Falls at Mt. Hope Park FAIR Williamstown this is a small cascade on the Green River within Mt. Hope Park that is near roadside; this may be a swimming hole either here or within the park somewhere else
MA Falls at Tophet Chasm FAIR Little Egypt there is a high probability that these falls on Tophet Brook are located on PRIVATE PROPERTY; I have read one description that indicates that the falls may be slightly promising
MA Falls on Ashford Brook FAIR New Ashford these falls on Ashford Brook may be partially or fully viewable from MA 7, but the falls themselves are located on PRIVATE PROPERTY
MA Falls on Basin Brook POOR Plainfield there are several small falls and cascades on Basin Brook within Kenneth Dubuque Memorial State Park, the tallest of which is about 6 feet; 1.5 mile hike one-way
MA Falls on Roaring Brook POOR Lenox this is a small and likely unimpressive waterfall on Roaring Brook within October Mountain State Forest; the hike to the falls is estimated to be 0.25 mile one-way; the trailhead is on Roaring Brook Road
MA Falls on Sages Ravine Brook FAIR Sheffield these falls on Sages Ravine Brook are near-roadside on MA 41 just north of the MA-CT border; you should be able to see the main falls to the east of the bridge and more cascades to the west of the bridge; these are not the same falls as "Sages Ravine (Upper Falls)" and "Sages Ravine (Lower Falls)"
MA Falls on Turkey Hill
FAIR Paxton I thought I had visited these falls on Turkey Hill Brook in 2003, but all I found was a DAM and some very small cascades below it; however, I have since seen photographs on the internet that suggest there may be more substantial cascades somewhere nearby; also, take note that the DAM and the historic building next to the cascades makes for a pretty and photogenic site even if there aren't any noteworthy falls here; also known as Turkey Hill Brook Falls
MA Four Mile Brook Falls
FAIR Northfield I visited these falls on Four Mile Brook in 2002 but I am almost certain they are located on PRIVATE PROPERTY
MA Gardner Falls POOR Shelburne Falls this is a DAM with a set of rapids below it on the Deerfield River; access may be possible from Gardner Falls Road; GPS = 42.591540, -72.730050
MA Green River Falls unknown Williamstown access to these falls on the Green River may or may not be possible from the western edge of the Eastlawn Cemetery; no other information is known about these falls, but you can see whitewater on Google Maps (GPS = 42.707074, -73.199636); perhaps this is the same place as "Cascades at Green River Linear Park"?
MA Gunn Brook Falls
GOOD Sunderland I received emails in 2010 that the landowner got fed up with people leaving trash on his property so both the upper and lower falls are now PRIVATE PROPERTY; I revisited in 2016 and found that these falls are still on PRIVATE PROPERTY; skip this one for now and let this be a lesson to all of us that we need to do our part to help keep waterfalls trash-free
MA Hairpin Falls unknown Hidden Valley this is a rumored waterfall on Canyon Brook; it is most likely located on PRIVATE PROPERTY; the falls are likely located here: GPS = 42.711073, -73.059145
MA Hawke's Brook Falls FAIR unknown pictures of these falls indicate they may be promising, but I was unable to find them in 2009; it is very likely the falls are on PRIVATE PROPERTY
MA Hawthorne Brook Cascades
POOR Pittsfield these falls are located in Pittsfield State Forest, close to Lulu Cascade and Parker Brook Cascades; I visited in 2009 and was not impressed; when I visited, there were a lot of downed trees and thick brush; requires a short bushwhack; the falls are just plain ugly and are highly seasonal, so I suggest just skipping this one
MA Hawthorne Falls FAIR Great Barrington these falls are highly seasonal, but perhaps they are still a worthwhile destination in high water; combine with a hike up Monument Mountain for good views of the southern Berkshires; estimated hike of 0.5-0.75 miles one-way to the 30-foot falls; the well-marked trailhead for Monument Mountain is on MA 7
MA Highland Falls FAIR Warwick this is one of several falls on the Metacomet-Monadnock (M&M) trail; I suspect the hike to the falls is somewhere in the 0.5-1.0 mile range each way
MA Hubbard River Gorge & Falls
GOOD Granville this is a scenic mix of five notable sets of cascades and slides on the Hubbard River; the falls are all located within Granville State Forest; in years past, the state park has been very strict with NO SWIMMING rules; the last time I visited in 2010, the trail was closed, so I am not sure if it has been re-opened or not; if the trail is open, it is likely 1.0-1.5 miles one-way to visit all falls
MA Keyes Brook Falls FAIR East Princeton this is a set of severall small falls on Keyes Brook
MA Little River Falls unknown Huntington this appears to be a series of small falls on the Little River; it looks as though the falls may be visible from MA 112 (although a 10-15 foot downclimb off the road may be needed to fully see the falls); GPS = 42.326569, -72.872335
MA Loudville Falls FAIR Westhampton access to these falls on Asnebumskit Brook appears to require a short bushwhack from Mill Street or Quinapoxet Street; however, it is extremely likely that the falls are surrounded by PRIVATE PROPERTY
MA Lovellville Falls FAIR Holden these falls on Asnebumskit Brook look small yet pretty per photographs I have seen
MA Lynne's Falls FAIR Wendell this is a very seasonal set of several falls; access via the Metacomet-Monadnock ('M&M') Trail
MA Manchaug Falls POOR Sutton looks like a DAM; may also be called Sutton Falls; info here:
MA Mason Brook Falls unknown Hubbardaston this is a rumored waterfall on Mason Brook; no other information known
MA Merrimac Falls POOR Lawrence this is a DAM on the Merrimack River that is near the MA 28 bridge; also known as Lawrence Falls
MA Mill Brook Cascades unknown Lenox this is a rumored waterfall on Mill Brook; access may or may not be possible from New Lenox Road
MA Mill Brook Falls-Charlemont POOR Charlemont this is a DAM with small cascades on Mill Brook below the attractive Bissell Covered Bridge on MA 8A (North Heath Road); also known as "Falls on Mill Brook"; although these falls are not natural, this is a pretty scene with good photographic potential
MA Mill Brook Falls-Northfield POOR Northfield these falls offer some easy roadside viewing, but are supposedly unattractive per several sources
MA Mitchell's Falls POOR Haverhill this is a set of rapids on the Merrimack River; GPS = 42.766179, -71.129870
MA Noanet Brook Falls POOR Dover I am 99.99% sure this is a DAM within the Noanet Woodlands Reservation at the northern end of Upper Mill Pond
MA Observation Hill POOR Chester looks slightly promising per pictures I have seen; really close to Goldmine Brook Falls, but I am not sure where to start hiking
MA October Mountain Falls unknown unknown rumored waterfall within October Mountain State Forest; one reader emailed me in 2011 and provided the following directions: "drive to end of the Navin Trail, and then a short walk to the brook that drains the grist pond on the right. From there a very short bushwack along the brook will bring you to the falls. No real trail there, but there are remnants of an old road visible in spots."; there is a chance this is the same waterfall as "Washington Mountain Falls"
MA Old Wendell Road Falls FAIR Northfield I could not find these falls in 2009 but I don't think I was looking in the correct spot; the falls look semi-impressive per photos I have seen; also called Hobo Falls and Feltman Falls; one reader of this website emailed me in 2016 and provided the following information: "the falls are best approached from the Gulf Rd side of Old Wendell Rd in Northfield. Where Old Wendell Rd tapers to a rocky unimproved washout, there is a kiosk with parking for 3-4 cars and then a 15 min. walk to a town forest sign on the left, and a trail that leads to the ledge base of the falls (5 minutes). It is sporadic but quite a steep drop down sheer ledge, maybe 70-90 feet in total? Footing is sketchy."
MA Parker Brook Cascades
POOR Pittsfield these falls on Parker Brook are located in Pittsfield State Forest, and they are close to Lulu Cascade and Hawthorne Brook Cascades; I visited in 2009 and was mostly disappointed with this waterfall; however, the 0.5 mile one-way hike to the falls was peaceful and overall this was a nice walk from the campground within the state forest; I may revisit these falls in the future when waterflow is running stronger
MA Pawtucket Falls POOR Lowell this is a DAM on the Merrimack River, although I have seen some pretty photographs of this site; I am not exactly sure where to park for the best view of these falls; also known as Pantukket Great Falls
MA Paxton Falls FAIR Paxton access to these falls is likely a short bushwhack off either Black Hill Road or Brigham Road; I highly suspect that the falls are on PRIVATE PROPERTY; please email me if you have more information on these falls (
MA Pettibone Falls GOOD Cheshire these falls on Pettibone Brook are located on PRIVATE PROPERTY! these are very impressive and pretty falls, so hopefully a land trust like the BNRC can ultimately purchase and conserve this property (which would then allow the general public to visit the falls)
MA Pitcher Falls GOOD Cheshire there is so much conflicting information on these waterfalls on Pitcher Brook about whether they are open to the public or not; some say that the falls can only be visited by guests of the AMC Noble View Outdoor Center (the landowner is supposedly adamant about this); others say anybody can visit the falls; until this is sorted out, I would consider this PRIVATE PROPERTY and I would skip it to avoid confrontation with potential landowners
MA Powwow River POOR Amesbury these falls on the Powwow River are not likely to be impressive; access via Friend Street; there is a chance this is actually just a DAM
MA Reeds Mill Falls POOR Conway there is a fair chance that these falls are surrounded by PRIVATE PROPERTY; the best chance of access is probably going to be Bardswell Ferry Rd.
MA Rock Dam POOR Greenfield & Turners Falls these falls on the Connecticut River are reportedly very small, but they could still be worth a look and a photograph; GPS = 42.595468, -72.578939
MA Sages Ravine (Lower Falls) GREAT Mount Washington these falls on Sages Ravine Brook are more impressive than the upper falls, but reaching these falls requires a difficult and steep bushwhack of up to 1.0 mile each way (the falls start after 0.3 mile); the bushwhacking starts from MA 41 not far from the Connecticut border; one of the falls is also known as Twin Falls
MA Sawmill River Falls FAIR Leverett these falls on the Sawmill River are likely located on PRIVATE PROPERTY; however, you may be able to see a portion or all of the falls from Rattlesnake Gutter Road; GPS = 42.491954, -72.476542; also called Saw Mill River Falls (although that spelling is probably wrong because the river is called the Sawmill River); there appears to be some conservation area nearby, so perhaps one side of the falls is open to the public? or perhaps you can see the falls from the conservation area?
MA Scott Brook Falls FAIR Fitchburg these 6-foot tall falls on Scott Brook are located in the small Falulah Park; reaching the falls may require a short bushwhack
MA Slip Dog Falls FAIR Sunderland this is a highly seasonal 10-foot tall falls on Gunn Brook; the trailhead is off Reservation Rd.
MA Sluice Brook Falls GOOD Shelburne access for the 30-foot tall lower falls on Sluice Brook are canoe-access only; it's a moderately difficult hike of 1.0-1.50 miles one-way to visit the 10-foot upper falls; parking for the trailhead to reach the upper falls is near "Wilcox Hollow"
MA South Hadley Falls POOR South Hadley this is a DAM on the Connecticut River; the DAM may be viewable from MA 116 and/or from within the Hadley Falls Canal Park; also known as Holyoke Falls
MA Spot Pond Brook Falls POOR Stoneham these 10-foot falls on Spot Pond Brook are likely to be highly seasonal; it is very possible this is actually DAM; access may be possible via Ravine Road and/or the Virginia Wood Trail; here is the rough area to look = 42.455607, -71.086106
MA Sutton Falls POOR Sutton this could either be a small waterfall or it could be a DAM on the Mumford River; the falls are supposedly located between Sutton Pond and Manchaug Pond
MA Turners Falls POOR Turners Falls this is a huge DAM on the Connecticut River; the DAM should be visible from Main Road / Avenue Ave just off MA 2
MA Upper Falls unknown Montague this is a rumored waterfall on the Sawmill River; the falls may be visible from Main Street, although it is likely a short walk or bushwhack is requird; there is a chance that the falls are surrounded by PRIVATE PROPERTY
MA Vinica Brook Falls GOOD Monson this is a pretty fan-type falls on Vinica Falls that is found off Moulton Hill Rd; a moderate scramble is required to reach the base of the falls
MA Wallamanumps Falls POOR Ludlow this is a large DAM on the Chicopee River with some small cascades/rapids below it; the DAM should be visible from Ludlow Avenue; although this a dam, I have seen some pretty photographs and videos of the falls
MA Washington Mountain Falls unknown Washington this is a rumored waterfall in or near October Mountain State Forest; there is a chance this is the same waterfall as "October Mountain Falls"
MA Waverly Falls unknown Waverly this is a rumored waterfall on Beaver Brook; it is highly probable that this is the same waterfall as Beaver Brook Falls
MA West Branch Falls unknown West Chesterfield this is a waterfall on the West Branch of the Westfield River; the falls are only a short distance north of Main Road (MA 143), but it is extremely likely that the falls are located on PRIVATE PROPERTY; GPS = 42.414289, -72.900598
MA West Worthington Falls FAIR West Worthington these falls are either on the Middle Branch of the Westfield River or Trout Brook (I'm not sure which); the falls are believed to be located on PRIVATE PROPERTY, although they may be partially visible from River Road; GPS = 42.418532, -72.983704
MA Westbrook Falls GOOD Whately there are supposedly two waterfalls here - an upper falls and a lower falls; the lower falls are almost certainly located on PRIVATE PROPERTY; the upper falls may or may not be on PRIVATE PROPERTY; access is supposedly via Westbrook Road
MA Westfield River Falls POOR Chesterfield this is a set of rapids on the Westfield River; GPS = 42.383509, -72.870762
MA Wheeler Brook Falls unknown Savoy this is a rumored waterfall on Wheeler Brook; access may require a short bushwhack north from MA 2
MA Whipple's Falls unknown Lowell this appears to be a set of small cascades or rapids on the Concord River; GPS = 42.637900, -71.303089; access may or may not be possible from Lawrence Street, but I can see there are lots of houses in the area
MA Whitman's Falls FAIR Weymouth these falls on Herring Run Brook are supposedly close to a parking lot near the end of Whitman Pond; access should be possible via Iron Hill Road and the Iron Hill Park; the falls are expected to be 10 or 12 feet tall; I have heard reports that there is a fence around the falls so that fish can climb a fish ladder upstream; these falls are also known as Iron Hill Falls
MA Wicassic Falls POOR Tyngsborough this was once a waterfall on the Merrimack River, but it has since been drowned by a DAM that was constructed downstream

Last Updated: March 2017


If you want to try to discover even more waterfalls, here are some research tips. I use these same tips to help find more waterfalls for this site:
  • Scan through in-circulation and out-of-print waterfall and hiking guidebooks; try to obtain copies of out-of-print books through used-book markets like, or by searching through the Google Books website.
  • Review these two great websites: World Waterfall Database and Northeastern Waterfalls.
  • Scan paper and online maps for towns and cities that have a “Falls Road” or "Cascade Road".
  • Look at topo maps to see where rivers drop dramatically in elevation in a short distance. Then either review that area on Google Maps (using its terrain feature) or Google Earth, or go actually hike or bushwhack up and down those rivers.
  • Examine both current and historical trail maps (including those 100+ years old because many waterfalls become "lost" over time).
  • When visiting waterfalls and swimming holes, talk to the local residents and ask if they know of any others nearby.
  • Scan through Flickr groups that focus on waterfalls or photography of a specific region and/or state.
  • Search Google by town or region
    • i.e. Danvers, Massachusetts waterfall
    • i.e. waterfalls near Danvers, Massachusetts
    • i.e. waterfalls of the Berkshires
    • i.e. best waterfalls in Maine
    • i.e. swimming holes Rangeley Lake
    • i.e. top waterfalls in Rutland county
  • Search Google by nature park
    • i.e. waterfalls of Acadia National Park
    • i.e. Baxter State Park waterfalls
    • i.e. swimming holes White Mountain National Forest
    • i.e. waterfalls Green Mountain National Forest
  • Search Google by river, brook or stream
    • i.e. "Halfway Brook" waterfall
    • i.e. "New Haven River" cascade
    • i.e. "Nancy Brook" falls
  • Follow waterfall-related Facebook “pages” and “groups”.
  • Talk to local nature photographers and/or follow their photography or hiking blogs.
  • Find people on Facebook or hiking forums who purposely seek out off-the-beaten-path places and read about their adventures.
  • Visit an existing waterfall and hike or bushwhack both upstream and downstream of the main waterfall for more waterfalls.
  • Search for old waterfall postcards, especially at antique stores.
  • Look through Delorme's Atlas & Gazetteers, looking for marked waterfalls or symbols that represent waterfalls.
  • Periodically try to revisit waterfalls that are closed to the public. While odds are good that the falls will still be off-limits to the general public, there is always a chance that the land changed hands and is now open to visitors.


Feel free to ask a question, leave a comment, and/or provide an update relevant to any of these waterfalls below.
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