Photography Gallery

Here is a gallery of some of my favorite waterfall photographs taken over the last twenty years. If you would like a high resolution photograph of any of these waterfalls for your own personal, non-commercial use, please contact Greg Parsons at

Click on each picture for an enlarged photograph!

Arethusa Falls ~ New Hampshire
Bash Bish Falls ~ Massachusetts
Bingham Falls ~ Vermont
Campbell Falls ~ Massachusetts
Carpenter's Falls ~ Connecticut
Chapel Falls ~ Massachusetts
Enders Falls ~ Massachusetts
Gunn Brook Falls ~ Massachusetts
Honey Hollow Falls ~ Vermont
Kettletown Brook Falls ~ Connecticut
Moss Glen Falls ~ Granville, Vermont
Gulf Hagas ~ Maine
Sabbaday Falls ~ New Hampshire
Pitcher Falls ~ Massachusetts
Old City Falls ~ Vermont
Kent Falls ~ Connecticut
Huntington Cascades ~ Vermont
Cloudland Falls ~ New Hampshire
Rocky Glen Falls ~ New Hampshire
Bailey's Ravine ~ Connecticut
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photographs/images may not be used without permission
Waterfalls, swimming holes, and hiking can be extremely dangerous. Hundreds of people have been injured or killed in the waterfalls and swimming holes of New England over the years. Never swim in strong water currents. Don't jump into a swimming hole without scouting it first. Do not climb up or along the side of waterfalls. Be weary of slippery rocks. Never swim in pools above waterfalls. Use of this website and all of its information is at your own risk! and the authors of the New England Waterfalls guidebook will not be held liable for your actions. Be safe out there - and always use common sense!