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50 Most Beautiful Mountains of the World

After scouring the internet and looking at thousands of photographs, here is an opinionated list of what I consider to be the world's 50 most beautiful mountains!

I apologize for the lack of pictures; one day I hope to travel and photograph them all =). If you'd like to submit a high-quality photograph of any of these mountains, please send me an email and I will add them to this page (and give you photo credit of course). In the meantime, I highly encourage you to do a Google-image search of each of these mountains to see their undeniably exquisite beauty.

Mountains are listed in alphabetical order.

Let me know if any worthy mountains have been mistakenly omitted from this list.

1 Aiguille Blanche de Peutery Italy
2 Alpamayo Peru
3 Ama Dablam Nepal
4 Artesonraju Piramide Peru
5 Cerro Torre Argentina/Chile
6 Chacraraju Peru
7 Denali USA (Alaska)
8 Dent Blanche Switzerland
9 Dhaulagiri Nepal
10 Eiger, The Switzerland
11 Fitz Roy Argentina/Chile
12 Gasherbrum IV ('G4') Pakistan
13 Grand Jorasses France/Italy
14 Grand Teton USA (Wyoming)
15 Huandoy Peru
16 Jannu Nepal
17 K2 Pakistan
18 Kajaqiao Tibet
19 Khan Tengri Kyrgyzstan/Kazakhstan
20 Laila Peak Pakistan
21 Latok I Pakistan
22 Lenpitze & Nadelhorn Switzerland
23 Machapuchare ('Fish Tail') Nepal
24 Matterhorn, The Switzerland
25 Mianzimu China
26 Mt. Assiniboine Canada
27 Mt. Cook New Zealand
28 Mt. Foraker USA (Alaska)
29 Mt. Fuji Japan
30 Mt. Hood USA (Oregon)
31 Mt. Rainier USA (Washington)
32 Mt. Shasta USA (California)
33 Mt. Shivling India
34 Mt. Thor Canada
35 Mustagh Tower Pakistan
36 Nanda Devi India
37 Parinacota Chile/Bolivia
38 Pasang Lhamu Chuli Tibet
39 Peitlerkofel Italy
40 Piz Bernina Switzerland
41 Pumori Nepal/Tibet
42 Rakaposhi Pakistan
43 Shuta Punkya Tibet
44 Singu Chuli ('Fluted Peak') Nepal
45 Siguniang Sichuan
46 Torres del Paine Chile
47 Trango Towers Chile
48 Tre Cime Di Lavaredo Italy
49 Weisshorn Switzerland
50 Yerupaja Peru

1 Chimborazo Ecuador
2 Chogolisa Pakistan
3 Chopicalqui Peru
4 Cotopaxi Ecuador
5 Half Dome USA (California)
6 Katahdin USA (Maine)
7 Mt. Araret Turkey
8 Mt. Asgard Canada
9 Mt. Blanc France/Italy
10 Mt. Everest China/Nepal
11 Mt. Grosvenor China
12 Mt. Kilimanjaro Tanzania
13 Mount Logan Canada
14 Mount Moran USA (Wyoming)
15 Mount Robinson Canada
16 Mount Saint Elias USA (Alaska)
17 Mt. Shuksan USA (Washington)
18 Mt. Whitney USA (California)
19 Ngauruhoe New Zealand
20 Rakaposhi Pakistan
21 Wenkchemna Peaks Canada

Mount Rainier
Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington, USA

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