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Here are the most critical updates to waterfalls that were included within the 2nd edition of the book, New England Waterfalls: A Guide To More Than 400 Cascades & Waterfalls. The 2nd edition of this guidebook was published in 2010 and was based on visits made to these waterfalls from spring through the fall of 2009. Since several years have since elapsed, some details have changed at a few of the waterfalls covered by the guidebook.

Not all changes that have occurred at the waterfalls of New England since the book was published are known to the authors. There are likely to be omissions to the list below due to the wide-spread damage caused by Hurricane Irene, as well as changes in property access. Hurricane Irene washed out many bridges and annihilated dozens of important dirt roads, especially in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Please let me know immediately if you are aware of any waterfalls that are included in the book that have changed in an important way.

If you are aware of any other errors or updates to the information found in the guidebook or on this website, please email me @ so that I can record the update here for all waterfall-lovers to see.

CT Carpenters Falls Driving Directions One reader emailed me in April 2015 and stated that the town of Granby voted a few years ago to discontinue the maintenance of Broad Hill Road, which passes very near the waterfall. Motor vehicle access is now prohibited on the road, but hiking and mountain biking is still possible on this un-maintained road. Hiking distance from the end of the paved section of Broad Hill Road is about 0.6 miles.
CT Nonnewaug Falls Hiking Trail One reader emailed me to say that the hiking trail network has been slightly changed, although I cannot give the exact nature of the change at this point. If you visit, keep a keen eye open for any differences between the guidebook and the actual trails. The falls are not that far from the parking lot, so you shouldn't have too much of a problem find them.
MA Gunn Brook Falls Access The landowner of this property has declared this waterfall off-limits. They apparently got sick and tired of picking up trash from disrespectful visitors. This is a shame, but I can understand the landowners' decision. Please stay away from this waterfall.
MA Pitcher Falls Access It turns out that the AMC actually does NOT own the trails surrounding Pitcher Falls. The landowner emailed me in mid-July 2011 and informed me that only AMC members are welcome on his property. The general public is NOT welcome to swim at or view the falls. Please respect the landowners' wishes and stay away from this one before all access is completely lost. If you want to visit, book a trip to the AMC facility that is located nearby. This is the only way to visit these great swimming holes.
ME Frenchmens Hole Driving Directions A new parking area has been established on the left hand-side of the access road.
ME Little Wilson Falls Access Camping at the "lower" falls used to be a common occurrence - however, it is now prohibited.
ME Sawtelle Falls Driving Directions An error was made in the driving directions in the 2nd edition of the guidebook. The directions should state "Follow ME 159 west for 9.8 miles until it ends at Shin Pond. At Shin Pond, ME 159 continues straight as the paved Grand Lake Rd." Previously, ME 11 was referenced.
ME Shin Falls Driving Directions An error was made in the driving directions in the 2nd edition of the guidebook. The directions should state "Follow ME 159 west for 9.8 miles until it ends at Shin Pond. At Shin Pond, ME 159 continues straight as the paved Grand Lake Rd." Previously, ME 11 was referenced.
NH Agassiz Basin Access Swimming is not allowed at the falls. In addition, the last remaining bridge across the stream here was damaged during the winter of 2010/2011 and later removed. As of 7/15/2011, there is no bridge across the river. However, the falls can still be seen in full from near the parking area. Also, this is private property but respectful public visitors are welcome (please leave no trace so that it can be kept this way).
NH Beecher & Pearl Cascades Driving Directions & Access One reader emailed me in July 2013 and said "You tell readers to park at the Highland Center. There is a very large sign at the center asking the public not to do so. There is no sign of this nature at the Train Depot just down the street. Since the trailhead is at the Train Depot, it makes more sense to park in that parking lot anyway. Under "Trail Information" you say to go 200 feet past the bulletin board/trail junction and turn left onto the Cascade Loop Trail. If you only go 200 feet you'll never find the trail. I found you go straight at the junction, rock hop across a small creek, then go 200 feet and turn left onto the Cascade Loop Trail."
NH Brickett Falls Driving Directions The trailhead is about 18 miles north of the NH 113/US 302 junction in Fryeburg, not the 13 miles stated in the guidebook. Sorry for the error!
NH Campton Falls Driving Directions The directions in the second edition of the guidebook should have said "Turn onto 49 east" not "Turn onto 49 west".
NH Eagle Cascade General Info The best time to visit this waterfall is May to June, and not May to October as stated in the guidebook. This waterfall is MUCH more seasonal than originally expected.
NH Falls On The Basin-Cascades Trail Hiking Trail Although this does not affect any of the waterfalls themselves, the bridge above the uppermost falls on this trail (Rocky Glen Falls) was damaged. Do not use this trail to visit Lonesome Lake as it would be difficult or potentially dangerous to cross the river without the bridge in place. You may want to contact the White Mountain National Forest to see if the bridge has since been fixed, but I know that this is not a high priority for them.
NH Giant Falls Hiking Trail A reader emailed me in May 2016 to notify me that the logging bridge mentioned in the trail description is no longer there. This means that there is now a stream crossing that may be difficult in high water.
VT Bolton Potholes Driving Directions There is a *new* parking area at the base of Bolton Valley Rd. You can no longer park along Bolton Valley Rd, and you will get ticketed if you try to park there. As such, you will have to park somewhere downstream and then hike up the road a short distance to reach the falls on the right.
VT Bristol Memorial Park Falls Driving Directions The ladder that was in place during my last visit in 2009 has apparently been replaced by some stone steps.
VT Falls Of Lana Access The bridge that is upstream of the upper falls has been replaced. Access to the upper falls is now much less dangerous.
VT Jeudevine Falls Access There is now a fee to visit the falls (the "suggested donation" policy is no longer in effect).
VT Texas Falls Access The falls sustained heavy damaged from two different storms over the last few years, but repairs have been made and the park and falls are now open!
VT Thatcher Brook Falls Driving Directions In June of 2013, a reader emailed me and informed me that the directions in the guidebook for Thatcher Brook Falls were incorrect. The correct directions are as follows: "From the junction of I-89 and VT 100 in Waterbury, take VT 100 north for 0.2 mile and take your first right onto Stowe St. just before a Shaw's supermarket. Follow Stowe St. for 750 feet and take a right into the currently named "Hen of the Wood" restaurant, which is the site of an old mill. If parking here is not available (or appropriate, use your own judgment), there is a small town-maintained parking area about 300 feet down the road below the I-89 bridges. To get to Waterbury, take I-89 north from Montpelier or I-89 south from Burlington to exit 10. Follow VT 100 north."
VT Twenty Foot Hole Swimming A reader emailed me in February 2016 to inform me that while still swimmable, Twenty Foot Hole was compromised by Hurricane Irene. Sediment and stone from above was washed into the basin reducing water depth from about 10 or 12 feet deep' to about 5 or 6 feet deep. In other words, be very careful before cliff-jumping here.

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