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Waterfall Conservation

Hundreds of waterfalls and swimming holes in New England are located on private property. Thankfully, many private landowners are generous enough to allow the public to enjoy their waterfalls and swimming holes - so long as we visitors respect their lands. Many of these amazing places, however, are completely off-limits to the public. My guess is that private landowners have private enjoyment to up to four hundred natural waterfalls in this region.

I strongly urge you to support the following organizations as they work extremely hard to purchase & preserve wild places, including those that contain waterfalls and swimming holes. These organizations are financially responsible (see the latest IRS Form 990 report on for the recent financial performance of each of these organizations) and they have a history of conserving outstanding properties. I have personal experience in dealing with each of these organizations, and I cannot speak enough good words about them.


Conserve Nature Conservancy

The Vermont River Conservancy, or VRC, actively works to "protect exceptional lands" along the rivers and streams of Vermont. So far, they have successfully conserved many Vermont waterfalls and swimming holes that are contained in the New England Waterfalls guidebook and on this website, including Twenty Foot, Hancock Brook Falls, Buttermilk Falls (Ludlow), Terrill Gorge, and Lower Clarendon Gorge. The best part of this organization is that they stay heavily focused on their mission year after year. They close deals and conserve new properties every year. I have no doubt that they will work to protect more waterfalls and swimming holes in this state.

The VRC needs your financial help to continue purchasing and conserving beautiful stretches of rivers. There are large bills associated with this goal, the largest of which is typically buying the property from a private land owner. Other significant expenses incurred include legal & research expenses and fundraising costs.


Conserve Trustees

The Trustees Of Reservations is a Massachusetts-based organization that is always actively purchasing parcels of land throughout all regions of the state for purposes of conservation. They have been very successful - as of 2010, they have slightly over 100 properties that total nearly 25,000 acres. They have a membership base of 100,000 people. Several waterfalls are located on their properties, including Falls on Camp Brook, Glendale Falls, Doane's Falls, Spirit Falls, Royalston Falls, Bear's Den Falls, Chapel Falls and Chesterfield Gorge.

The Trustees needs your support to continue purchasing wild lands across the state of Massachusetts. I have personally visited probably thirty of their properties of the years and have enjoyed every single one of them. This is a great organization.


Conserve Nature Conservancy

Although the Nature Conservancy is a world-wide organization, they still do a great job to help conserve special places in New England. To date, they have helped to preserve several of New England waterfalls, including Step Falls in Maine, Buttermilk Falls in Plymouth, Connecticut and Browns River Falls in Vermont.

Please help support this organization by making donations that are restricted to the purchase of properties that contain waterfalls or swimming holes.


Let's all do our part to ensure that the general public has access to as many New England waterfalls as possible! Please support the above organizations in any way that you can. If you want to specifically support the purchase of land that has a waterfall, swimming hole and/or river, make your gift or donation "restricted" in nature by stating that the money must be used for a specific purpose For example, write "for the purchase of land that contains a natural waterfall" on your donation check. Inquire with the fundraising departments of each of these organizations for additional detail on how you can give a restricted gift. These organizations will also accept estates/trusts, works of art and even donated equipment.

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Waterfalls, swimming holes, and hiking can be extremely dangerous. Hundreds of people have been injured or killed in the waterfalls and swimming holes of New England over the years. Never swim in strong water currents. Don't jump into a swimming hole without scouting it first. Do not climb up or along the side of waterfalls. Be wary of slippery rocks. Never swim in pools above waterfalls. Use of this website and all of its information is at your own risk! will not be held liable for your actions. Be safe out there - and always use common sense!

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