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Natural Waterslides in New England

Franconia Falls, New Hampshire Ledge Falls, Baxter State Park, Maine Step Falls, Maine
Here are a few of the best natural waterslides that one can find in New England. I am certain there are more of these out there, but it has been difficult to find them as many only exist under perfect water conditions. Also, sometimes it is tough to see that a slide exists until I see an adventurous rider go down one with my own eyes. I will continue to add to this list as I discover them though!

Please keep in mind that natural waterslides are inherently dangerous and that most should only be attempted under low or medium water conditions. Make sure that you always scout the river or stream very closely to determine any hazards. Look for sharp rocks, whirlpools, shallow areas, and other dangerous currents very carefully.

If you know of any other natural waterslides in New England that you can safely slide down, please send me an email:

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MA Chapel Falls Chapel Brook Reservation a steep waterslide into a semi-deep pool; offers a bit of a bumpy ride (there are some videos you can watch on Youtube)
ME The Cataracts Unknown rumors of a good natural waterslide here, but I couldn't find it as waterflow was too strong during my visits
ME Ledge Falls Baxter State Park amazingly fun and generally regarded as safe; very popular family-friend spot; parking reservations required (see Baxter State Park Authority website before visiting); bring some tubes!
ME Nesowadnehunk Stream Falls Baxter State Park this extremely fun natural waterslide is found at the mouth of Nesowadnehunk Stream as it dumps into the West Branch of the Penobscot River; the waterslide is often enjoyed by guests of commercial whitwater rafting trips down the West Branch of the Penobscot River, but you should also be able to visit the waterslide from the Appalachian Trail; I am not sure if the Appalachian Trail passes directly by the falls, or if you have to bushwhack slightly west of it
ME Step Falls Step Falls Preserve short and twisting slides of several different shapes and sizes; probably best in moderate waterflow; shallow pools
ME Tobey Falls Unknown people are rumored to go down the main falls here, but we've never seen it happen (although the angle did look gentle enough); may be tube-able, but I can't say for sure
NH Crystal Cascade Cascade Park in the town of North Woodstock very popular site directly across the street from the Woodstock Inn off US-3; very popular with tubers; not the smoothest ride without a tube, but people still do it; some limited swimming at the base of the cascades
NH Franconia Falls White Mountain National Forest includes at least one excellent waterslide; check youtube for some great sliding videos
NH Lower Ammonoosuc Falls White Mountain National Forest long, twisting and bumpy run from mid-point of falls down to pool at the base; run in low to medium water levels only; one portion of the falls also has a small cave that can fit two people (safe in low water conditions only)
NH Lower Falls White Mountain National Forest several different slides are on site, but they are safe under low to medium water levels only; water depth is shallow, so water-shoes are helpful; some visitors use tubes on some of the rapids above the main falls; slides are usually quite smooth; swaths of crowds, but still recommended
NH Pool, The White Mountain National Forest If conditions are good, this natural waterslide gives a fairly smooth 20-foot run into a shallow pool (2-3 feet deep or so); this spot is found 15 feet from the Shoal Pond Trail about 1.0 mile north of the Wilderness Trail, deep in the Pemigewasset Wilderness. While the pool is semi-visible from the trail, you do have to keep your eyes open for it
NH Swiftwater Falls (Bath) Town of Bath low-angle perpendicular ride at the base of falls into deep pool; safe in low to moderate water; one of the best in the western White Mountains
NH Upper Ammonoosuc Falls White Mountain National Forest short ride with steep drop off main waterfall into deep pool; safe only under the lowest of water levels; extremely dangerous under moderate or high water conditions (many people have died here by getting caught in a whirlpool near the base of the falls); lots of cliff-jumping here; a must-visit
NH Soup Bowl Glide Unknown rumored waterslide within a few miles of Sculptured Rock Falls; actual location unknown and there is a good chance this may actually be located on private property with no public access
VT Circle Current Unknown just above Bartlett Falls; unsure of specifics of slide, but many websites say there is a fairly good one there

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Waterfalls, swimming holes, and hiking can be extremely dangerous. Hundreds of people have been injured or killed in the waterfalls and swimming holes of New England over the years. Never swim in strong water currents. Don't jump into a swimming hole without scouting it first. Do not climb up or along the side of waterfalls. Be wary of slippery rocks. Never swim in pools above waterfalls. Use of this website and all of its information is at your own risk! will not be held liable for your actions. Be safe out there - and always use common sense!

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