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For those interested, here are some media coverage, news articles, and reviews written by others about the New England Waterfalls guidebook over the years. Some of these articles rejoice in the splendors of waterfalls, while others are more review-based in nature.

SALEM NEWS (04/12/2010)  
Take the plunge: Local outdoorsman writes guidebook to New England Waterfalls

By Ethel Mickey, Salem News Staff Writer

Danvers, Massachusetts - Beach too crowded? Why not take your family on a hike to one of the region's hundreds of waterfalls, suggests Greg Parsons, who co-authored the guidebook "New England Waterfalls." read more...


BOSTON.COM (02/27/2011)  
Natural Beauties frozen in time - for a while

By Aaron Kagan, Globe Correspondent

Boston, Massachusetts - A waterfall in motion, though beautiful, is nothing compared with one that has been arrested by plunging temperatures. Though we often visit them in warm weather, just like autumn leaves, waterfalls have their peak season, and that time is now. read more...


Greg Parsons' waterfall adventures

By Danvers Herald Correspondents

Danvers, Massachusetts - QUESTION: What inspired you to begin adventuring to all the waterfalls in New England? Did you love it as a child? ANSWER: I hated going on my mom's adventures when I was younger. read more...


GRANITE NEWS (7/10/2003)
Kingswood grad Watson co-authors book

By Cheryl McCarriston, Granite News Correspondent

Granite, New Hampshire - A 2000 Kingswood High School graduate who said she "hated English and was terrible at  grammar," has co-authored a book on New England waterfalls. read more...


SALEM NEWS (10/3/2003)  
Gushing about waterfalls: Danvers High grad pens guidebook for New England

By Jamie Jamieson, Salem News Staff Writer

Danvers, Massachusetts - Ask Greg Parsons where to find the most spectacular waterfall in Massachusetts, and he'll send you to the southwestern corner of the state. read more...



BOSTON GLOBE (7/6/2003)

A real rush: Every which way from high to low, waterfalls get raves

By Diane Daniel, Globe Correspondent

Moxie Gore Township, Maine - Keep your eyes open along Lake Moxie Road off Route 201 in this remote part of mid- western Maine, and you can spot a little parking area and a simple wooden sign pointing the way to Moxie Falls. A narrow but heavily traveled foot trail winds through the woods for three-quarters of a mile. If the trees have leaves, you may not hear even a hint of the visual feast in store. read more...


UNION LEADER (8/31/2003)

NH waterfalls: Rushing water, picnics and peace

By Gary Dennis, Union Leader Staff


Mont Vernon, New Hampshire - In Purgatory, you'll find some heaven. There's a pit on the Mont Vernon-Lyndeborough line where many have thought the same thing. It's where Purgatory Falls courses through a canyon of thick granite ledge and plunges 10 feet to a deep, dark pool below read more...


NH.COM REVIEW (8/15/2003)

Waterfall Fans Take Notice

By Barbara Radcliffe Rogers,


A new book has just joined the Delorme map book and the AMC White Mountain Guide in the canvas bag that lives in our car. New England Waterfalls, by Greg Parsons and Kate B. Watson, is a winner. read more...


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