New England Waterfalls

Waterfalling & Day Hiking Packing List

Heading out on a trip to view some waterfalls or enjoy some swimming holes? Here is a checklist that I put together that will hopefully help you remember what to bring with you!


WATER (1-4 liters per person, depending on how far you will be hiking)
GATORADE/POWERADE (or any other electrolyte-type drink)
DAYPACK (we recommend the Camelbak, Go Lite and North Face packs, but there are dozens of other brands)
HIKING SHOES OR BOOTS (however, walking shoes are OK for many short waterfall hikes)
WATER SHOES (we recommend Merrill and Keen water shoes)
WATERPROOF JACKET (we recommend the Arc'teryx, REI, Marmot and North Face brands, but there are dozens of other brands)
FLEECE/SOFTSHELL/SWEATSHIRT (helpful if it is going to be below 55 degrees)
BUG SPRAY (useful from mid-May to mid-July in most areas of the US)
ROAD ATLAS (we love DeLorme's Atlases & Gazetteers)
GUIDEBOOK (there are waterfall guidebooks that cover just about every region in the US)
TRAIL MAPS (if hiking trails are complex)
CAMERA (with memory card and battery)
CAMERA LENSES & FILTERS (also consider bringing lens cleaner & cloth)
TRASH BAG (to help clean up trash left behind by others)
SUN-TAN LOTION (SPF 30+ with UVA and UVB protection is recommended)

GOING BACKPACKING? ~ here is a checklist to help you with that!
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Waterfalls, swimming holes, and hiking can be extremely dangerous. Hundreds of people have been injured or killed in the waterfalls and swimming holes of New England over the years. Never swim in strong water currents. Don't jump into a swimming hole without scouting it first. Do not climb up or along the side of waterfalls. Be wary of slippery rocks. Never swim in pools above waterfalls. Use of this website and all of its information is at your own risk! will not be held liable for your actions. Be safe out there - and always use common sense!

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