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Waterfall Guidebooks

Here is a list of all waterfall-related books that I are currently aware of. Many of these waterfall guidebooks are now out-of-print, but they are generally widely available through used book dealers, such as Ebay and Amazon. If you are aware of any new or old guidebook omissions from this list, or would like to propose a correction, please contact me!

Last Updated: August 2014

70 Waterfall Hikes Around Dayton Ohio 1st Karle 2008
100 Utah Waterfalls 1st Wunder Arch Hunter Press 1999
120 Waterfall Hikes Around Cincinnati Ohio 1st Karle 2010
150 South Carolina Waterfalls 1st Tagliapietra Self-Published 2000
200 Hikeable Waterfalls of Ohio 1st Karle 2006
200 Waterfalls in Western and Central New York 1st Freeman Footprint Press 2002
A Guide To 199 Michigan Waterfalls 3rd Penrose, Penrose & Penrose Friede Publications 2009
A Guide To New Zealand Waterfalls 1st Cheng Story Nature Press 2006
A Guide To The Waterfalls of Sri Lanka 1st Kautzsch Unknown 1983
A Naturalist's Guide to Lakeland Waterfalls Throughout The Year 1st Welsh Westmorland Gazette 1987
A Tour of the Waterfalls of Wales 1st Yerburgh Unknown 1997
A Waterfall Guide to Letchworth State Park 1st Ensminger & Bassett Unknown 1996
Adirondack Waterfall Guide: Cool Cascades 1st Dunn Black Dome Press 2003
America's Top 100 Eastern Waterfalls 1st Beisel Outskirts Press 2008
America's Top 100 Western Waterfalls 1st Beisel Outskirts Press 2008
American Waterfalls: A Book of Journeys 1st Berger CreateSpace 2013
Among The Waterfalls Of The World 1st Rashleight Unknown 1935
Angel Falls: World's Highest Waterfall 1st Mattern Rosen Publishing Group 2001
Arkansas Spring: Dogwoods, Waterfalls, and Wildflowers 1st Ernst Clayton 2000
Arkansas Waterfall Guidebook: How to Find 133 Spectacular Waterfalls & Cascades in The Natural State 1st Ernst Cloudland.Net 2002
Arkansas Waterfalls: Scenic Icons of the Natural State 1st Ernst Cloudland.Net 2007
Australian Caves, Cliffs, and Waterfalls 1st Barrett Unknown 1944
Berkshire Region Waterfall Guide: Cool Cascades of the Berkshires & Taconic Mountains 1st Dunn Black Dome Press 2009
California Waterfalls: More Than 200 Falls You Can Reach by Foot, Car, or Bike 4th Brown Avalon Travel Publishing 2011
Catskill Region Waterfall Guide: Cool Cascades Of The Catskills & Shawangunks 1st Dunn Black Dome Press 2004
Colorado Waterfalls 1st Fielder Westcliffe Publishers 1994
Connecticut Waterfalls: A Guide 1st Dunn Countryman Press 2013
Exploring Lakeland Waterfalls: A Field Guide 1st Blair Lakeland Manor Press 2002
Exploring The Waterfalls of North Carolina 1st Corey The Provincial Press 1991
Falling Waters of Ohio: 109 Hikeable Waterfalls in Ohio 1st Karle 1stBooks Library 2003
Finger Lakes Falls: A Guide to Waterfalls Found in the Finger Lakes Region of New York 1st Ensminger Falzguy Publishing 2001
Granite, Water & Light: The Waterfalls of Yosemite Valley 1st Osbourne Heydey Books 2009
Great Waterfalls of North Carolina: A Guide for Hikers, Photographers and Waterfall Enthusiasts 1st Regan Parkway Publisher 2010
Great Waterfalls, Cataracts, & Geysers 1st Gibson T. Nelson & Sons 1887
Guide To Waterfalls of North Georgia 1st Mathis, Mathis & Turentine Larlin Corporation 1987
Hamilton, The City of Waterfalls (Ontario) 1st Ecklund, Hollick, Keefe Ecklund Marketing Group 2009
Hikes to Waterfalls in Shenandoah National Park 1st Amberson Shenandoah NP Association 1997
Hiking Waterfalls in Colorado: A Guide to the State's Best Waterfall Hikes (NEW!) 1st Paul Falcon 2013
Hiking Waterfalls in Georgia & South Carolina 1st Watson Falcon 2011
Hiking Waterfalls in New England 1st Burakian Falcon 2014
Hiking Waterfalls in New York 1st Minetor Falcon 2014
Hiking Waterfalls in North Carolina 1st Watson Falcon 2011
Hiking Waterfalls in Oregon 1st Sawyer Falcon 2014
Hiking Waterfalls in Virginia 1st Thompson Falcon 2015
Hudson Valley Waterfall Guide 1st Dunn Black Dome Press 2005
In The Mad Water: Two Centuries of Adventure and Lunacy at Niagara Falls 1st Kriner J&J Publisher 1999
International Waterfall Classification System 1st Richard H. Beisel, Jr. Outskirts Press 2006
Maine's Waterfalls: A Comprehensive Guide 1st Hughes Schliffer 2009
Make A Splash: Swimming Holes and Waterfalls of the Green Mountains 1st Minor Master Studios 1998
Minnesota Waterfalls 1st Johnson & Belanger Trails Books 2007
Mohawk Region Waterfall Guide 1st Dunn Black Dome Press 2007
Montana Waterfalls: A Guide for Sightseers, Hikers & Waterfall Enthusiasts 1st Johnson & Johnson Riverbend 2011
More Walks to Waterfalls in Mid and North Wales 1st Marshall & Perrott Kittiwake Press 2014
More Walks to Yorkshire Waterfalls 1st Welsh Cicerone Press 1992
New England Waterfalls: A Guide to More Than 500 Cascades and Waterfalls 3rd Parsons & Watson The Countryman Press 2019
New Mexico Waterfalls Handbook 1st Scott CreateSpace 2014
New York Waterfalls: A Guide for Hikers & Photographers 1st Scott E. Brown Stackpole Books 2010
Niagara: A History Of The Falls 1st Burton Penguin USA 1998
North Carolina Waterfalls: A Hiking And Photography Guide 1st Adams John F. Blair Publishers 2005
Northern California Waterfalls 1st Brown Moon/Avalon 2011
Ontario Waterfalls: A Complete Guide 1st Stiver Harold Stiver 2013
Pennsylvania Waterfalls: A Guide For Hikers And Photographers 1st Brown Stackpole Books 2005
Principal Waterfalls Of The World & Their Comparison To Yosemite Falls 1st Unknown Unknown 1945
Province of Quebec: Forests and Waterfalls 1st Mercier Unknown 1927
Pura Vida: The Waterfalls and Hot Springs of Costa Rica 2nd Mitchell Menasha Ridge Press 1995
Ribbons of Water: The Waterfalls & Cascades of Yellowstone National Park 1st Barber Yellowstone Association 1984
Roar of Thunder, Whisper of Wind, Portrait of Michigan Waterfalls 1st Elfont Thunder Bay Press 1994
Rodrick's Guide to Vermont Waterfalls, Cascades & Gorges 1st Pingree 2014
Romance of Waterfalls: Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington 1st Bloom & Cohen Outdoor Romance Publishing 1998
Secret Waterfalls of Marin: 40 Walks and Bike Rides in Magical Marin Country 1st McCarthy Thorie 2007
Spectacular Waterfalls of Western NC: A Guide for Discovery and Photography 1st Regan Authorhouse 2008
Taos Waterfalls 1st Scott CreateSpace 2012
The Art of Photographing Water: Rivers, Lakes, Waterfalls 1st Kahn Amherst Media 2001
The Definitive Guide to the Waterfalls of Southern and Central California 1st Shaffer Shafdog Publications 2003
The Guide To Yellowstone Waterfalls and Their Discovery 1st Rubinstein, Whittlesey, & Stevens Westcliffe Publishers 2000
The Land Of Waterfalls: Transylvania Country, North Carolina 1st Tinsley Unknown 1988
The Waterfalls of England: A Practical Guide for Visitors and Walkers 1st Fellows Sigma Leisure 2003
The Waterfalls of Jamaica: Sublime and Beautiful Objects 1st Hudson Univ. Press of West Indies 2001
The Waterfalls of South Carolina 3rd Brooks & Cook Palmetto Conserv. Foundation 2007
The Waterfalls of Wales 1st Jones Harper Collins 1986
The Wonder of A Waterfall 1st Fowler Children's Press 1999
Vermont Waterfalls: A Guide 1st Dunn Countryman Press 2015
Victoria Falls: One of the World's Most Spectacular Waterfalls 1st Rebus Perfection Learning 2006
Walking to Mid-Wales' Waterfalls: Great Walks For All Weathers 1st Marshall Kittiwake Press 2009
Walks to Yorkshire Waterfalls 1st Welsh Cicerone Press 1990
Waterfall Finder's Guide, Western Washington Series 1st Mooers Fallsguy Trail Guides 2007
Waterfall Hikes of North Georgia 1st Parham Milestone Press 2011
Waterfall Hikes of Upstate South Carolina 1st King Milestone Press 2009
Waterfall Lovers Guide Northern California: More than 300 Waterfalls 1st Danielsson & Danielsson Mountaineers Books 2006
Waterfall Lovers Guide: Pacific Northwest 5th Plumb Mountaineers Books 2013
Waterfall Walks and Drives in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee 2nd Morrison H.F. Publishing 2010
Waterfall Walks and Drives in Great Smoky Mountains and Western Carolinas 1st Morrison H.F. Publishing 1999
Waterfall Walks and Drives in the Western Carolinas 1st Morrison H.F. Publishing 1994
Waterfall Walks: Teesdale and the High Pennies 1st Welsh Cicerone Press 1995
Waterfalling in Wisconsin: The Complete Guide to Waterfalls in the Badger State 1st Hedquist Trails Books 2014
Waterfalls: 75 Most Magnificent Waterfalls 1st Lewis Grange Books 2008
Waterfalls and Cascades of the Great Smoky Mountains 1st Hubbs, Maynard, & Morris Panther Press 1993
Waterfalls and Gorges of the Finger Lakes 1st Doeffinger McBooks Press 1996
Waterfalls in My Backyard: Central and Western New York State 1st Larison & Larison Authorhouse 2009
Waterfalls in the South Brecons 1st Wilkey Self-published / Kindle 2013
Waterfalls in Upstate New York 1st Czech, DeGraff, Forsht, Kilday Unknown 1972
Waterfalls of British Columbia: A Guide to BC's 100 Best Falls 1st Greenfield Harbour 2009
Waterfalls of Central Oregon 1st Unknown Sun Publishing 2001
Waterfalls of Colorado 1st Conly Pruett Publishing Company 1993
Waterfalls of Connecticut 1st Bushee Self-Published
(Amazon Kindle only)
Waterfalls of Grand Teton National Park 1st Maynard Unknown 1996
Waterfalls of Hamilton, Ontario 1st Books LLC Books LLC 2010
Waterfalls of Malaysia 1st Ministry of Agriculture Design Dimension 1989
Waterfalls of Massachusetts: An Explorer's Guide to 55 Natural Scenic Wonders 1st Bushee New England Cartographics 2004
Waterfalls of Maui 1st Jones, Mercury N/A - This is a movie, not a book 2009
Waterfalls of Minnesota's North Shore 1st Wallinga & Wallinga North Shore Press 2006
Waterfalls of New Brunswick 1st Guitard Goose Lane Editions 2010
Waterfalls of New York State 1st Ensminger, Schryver & Smathers Firefly Books 2012
Waterfalls of North Georgia 1st Anthony Yahoolavista Publishing 2006
Waterfalls of Nova Scotia 1st Billard Sand Dollar Productions 1997
Waterfalls of Ontario 2nd Harris & Fischer Firefly Books 2011
Waterfalls of Rocky Mountain National Park 1st Conly Columbine Ink 2009
Waterfalls of Scotland 1st Scott Pergamon Press 1987
Waterfalls of Tennessee 2nd Plumb Overmountain Press 2008
Waterfalls of the Adirondacks and Catskills 1st Doeffinger, Boas & McCall McBooks Press 2000
Waterfalls of the Blue Ridge: A Hiking Guide to the Cascades of the Blue Ridge 4th Blouin, Adams, Bordonaro, & Bordonaro Menasha Ridge Press 2014
200 Falls in Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania 1st Letcher The Countryman Press 2004
Waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest: 200+ Waterfalls throughout Oregon & Washington 1st Anderson The Countryman Press 2007
Waterfalls of the Southern Appalachians & Great Smoky Mountains 4th Boyd Fern Creek Press 2001
Waterfalls of the States 1st Tagliapietra Fern Creek Press 2002
Waterfalls of the Western Half of New York State 1st Ensminger Unknown 1997
Waterfalls of the White Mountains 2nd Bolnick, Bolnick & Bolnick The Countryman Press 1999
Waterfalls of the World: A Pictorial Survey 1st Barton Unknown ???
Waterfalls of Upstate New York (a Kindle-book) 1st Haywood Haywood 2014
Waterfalls of Victoria 1st Smyth, Dacre Toorak 1988
Waterfalls of Virginia and West Virginia 1st Adams Menasha Ridge Press 2002
Waterfalls of Western North Carolina 1st Ransom FlickinAmazing Inc 2014
Waterfalls of Western Washington: Hike, Walk or Drive to 300 1st Mooers Sasquatch Books 1992
Waterfalls of Yellowstone National Park 1st Maynard Panther Press 1996
Waterfalls of Yosemite 1st Medley Unknown 1999
Waterfalls USA: A Hiking Guide And Planner 1st Grass & Bowers JRG Inc 1999
Waterfalls: Forces of Nature 1st Donnely Child's World 1998
Waterfalls: Nature's Thundering Splendor 1st Wood Gareth Stevens 1991
Waterfalls: Nova Scotia's Masterpieces 2nd?? Billard Nimbus 2007
Waterfalls: The Niagara Escarpment 1st Lewton, Lawton Boston Mills Press 2000
West Virginia Waterfalls: The New River Gorge 1st Rehbein, Sanger Headline Books 2011
Wild Swimming: 300 Hidden Dips in the Rivers, Lakes and Waterfalls of Britain 1st Start Wild Things 2013
Wild Swimming France: Discover the Most Beautiful Rivers, Lakes & Waterfalls of France 1st Start Wild Things 2012
Wild Swimming Italy: Discover the Most Beautiful Rivers, Lakes & Waterfalls of Italy 1st Tameni Wild Things 2014
Wild Waterfalls: Ten Great Australian Walks 1st Chapman Wild Publications Pty Ltd 1992
Wisconsin Waterfalls: A Touring Guide 1st Prairie Oak Press 1998
Yellowstone and Grand Teton Waterfall Guide: A Guide To 50 Favorites 1st Maynard Johnson Books 1995
Yosemite Waterfalls 1st Menning Unknown 1970

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