The following is a list of all cascades and waterfalls in Vermont that we have personally visited and reviewed. For information on additional waterfalls that we have not yet visited, click here: "Other Waterfalls in Vermont"

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Abbey Pond Cascades

Middlebury Addison  Page 39, K-10
Bakers Falls Troy Orleans  Page 53, C-11
Barnet Falls Barnet Caledonia  Page 42, B&C-5
Bartlett Falls Bristol Addison  Page 39, H-10
Benson's Holes Manchester Bennington  Page 25, H-10&11
Big Falls Troy Orleans  Page 53, A&B-1
Bingham Falls Stowe Lamoille  Page 46, F-3
Bittersweet Falls Weybridge Addison  Page 32, A-6 
Bolton Potholes Bolton Chittenden  Page 45, K-14
Brewster River Gorge Cambridge Lamoille  Page 46, B-1
Bristol Memorial Park Falls Bristol Addison  Page 39, G-11
Browns River Falls Jericho Chittenden  Page 45, F-11
Buttermilk Falls (Ludlow) Ludlow Windsor  Page 30, J-4
Cascade Falls Weathersfield Windsor  Page 31, J-9
Cavendish Gorge Cavendish Windsor  Page 26, A-6&7
Clarendon Gorge (Lower Falls) Clarendon Rutland  Page 29, G-12
Clarendon Gorge (Upper Falls) Clarendon Rutland  Page 29, G-13
Covered Bridge Falls Thetford Orange  Page 35, G-14
Crystal Falls Montgomery Franklin  Page 52, E-5
Dog Team Falls New Haven Addison  Page 38, J&K-7
Dog's Head Falls Johnson Lamoille  Page 46, B-5
Emerson Falls St. Johnsbury Caledonia  Page 48, I-5
Fairfax Falls Fairfax Franklin  Page 45, A-12
Falls of Lana Salisbury Addison  Page 33, E-10
Glen Falls Fairlee Orange  Page 36, D-2
Green River Falls Hyde Park Lamoille  Page 47, C-8
Hamilton Falls Jamaica Windham  Page 26, I-3
Hancock Brook Falls Worcester Washington  Page 46, J-7
Hartshorn Falls Warren Washington  Page 39, I-14 
Honey Hollow Falls Bolton Chittenden  Page 45, K-13
Huntington Gorge Richmond Chittenden  Page 45, K-12
Jay Branch Gorge Troy Orleans  Page 53, B-11
Jeff Falls Cambridge Lamoille  Page 46, B-1
Jelly Mill Falls Dummerston Windham  Page 22, F-6
Jeudevine Falls Hardwick Caledonia  Page 47, E-12
Kings Hill Brook Falls Bakersfield Franklin  Page 52, I-1
Little Otter Creek Falls Ferrisburgh Addison  Page 38, F-7
Lye Brook Falls Manchester Bennington  Page 25, I-10
Marshfield Falls Marshfield Washington  Page 41, A-12
Middlebury Gorge Middlebury Addison  Page 33, C-9 
Mill, The Worcester Washington  Page 46, K-7 
Milton Falls Milton Chittenden  Page 45, B-9
Moss Glen Falls (Granville) Granville Addison  Page 34, A-1
Moss Glen Falls (Stowe) Stowe Lamoille Page 46, G-6
North Branch Falls Worcester Washington  Page 47, I-8
Northfield Falls Northfield Washington  Page 40, G-5
Old City Falls Strafford Orange  Page 35, E-12
Pikes Falls Jamaica Windham  Page 26, J-1
Proctor Falls Proctor Rutland  Page 29, B-11
Quechee Gorge Hartford Windsor  Page 31, C-11
Riverton Falls Berlin Washington  Page 40, F-6
Roxbury Falls Roxbury Washington  Page 40, I-3
Sacketts Brook Falls Putney Windham  Page 23, D-8 
Seven Falls Huntington Chittenden  Page 39, D-12
Sheep's Hole Johnson Lamoille  Page 46, A-4
Shelburne Falls Shelburne Chittenden  Page 44, K-6
South Branch Falls Montgomery Franklin  Page 52, F-6
State Prison Hollow Falls Starksboro Addison  Page 39, D-10
Sterling Brook Gorge Stowe Lamoille  Page 46, E-4
Stetson Hollow Falls Warren Washington  Page 39, J-14
Terrill Gorge Morristown Lamoille  Page 46, D-6
Texas Falls Hancock Addison  Page 33, D-14
Thatcher Brook Falls Waterbury Washington  Page 40, A-3
Thundering Brook Falls Killington Rutland  Page 30, B-2
Trout River Falls Montgomery Franklin  Page 52, E-6
Twenty Foot Hole Reading Windsor  Page 31, I-8
Upper Crossett Brook Falls Duxbury Washington  Page 40, B-2
Warren Falls Warren Washington  Page 39, J-14
Willoughby Falls Barton Orleans  Page 54, G-2
Woodbury Falls Woodbury Washington  Page 47, G-11


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