These are our selections for the premier waterfalls that offer swimming holes in New England. There are other excellent swimming holes throughout this region that are not included here because they either do not contain a waterfall or they only have an insignificant one.

Several of these swimming holes offer cliff-jumping possibilities, which is an inherently dangerous activity that you will take at your own risk. We cannot be held responsibile for your actions.

If you choose to visit any of these waterfalls, please leave no trace! Remove all your trash and try to pick up for others. There have been dozens of swimming holes lost to the general public over the last 20 years due to disrespectful visitors. If we hear too many more of these stories, we will have no choice but to remove directions to all swimming holes on our website. That would truely be a shame, as these swimming holes are some of the most wonderful places in New England.

For additional information for each swimming hole, please click on the link provided.

CT Enders Falls series of several waterfalls, several with good swimming holes below them; short hike required; one of the finest swimming holes in Connecticut
MA Bellevue Falls one good pool below waterfall; easy and short access; short cliff jumping opportunity; please respect this privately-owned property so that it stays open to the general public
ME Frenchmen's Hole classic swimming hole and cliff jumping hotspot near the Sunday River ski resort; viewable from the road; do not swim here if the river is running high
ME Gulf Hagas many great swimming holes along the "grand canyon of Maine"; moderately difficult and long hike to visit all holes; access fee is steep for out-of-staters
ME Huston Brook Falls huge but cold swimming hole near Sugarloaf Ski Resort; also called Bunchberry Falls
ME Ledge Falls (T4 R10) very popular Baxter State Park park road attraction; located on the west side of the park and visible along the main park road; bring tubes for the natural waterslides
ME Rattlesnake Pool passes through private property, but access is currently allowed to the general public; beautiful but small & cold pool; easy hike required
ME Smalls Falls fun and crowded set of waterfalls and pools near Rangeley Lake; easy access off ME 26
ME Step Falls tons of small pools for wading; several small natural waterslides; a child's dream; no pool is deep enough for actual swimming though
NH Diana's Baths very popular series of wading pools and small waterfalls near North Conway; $3 parking fee, very easy 0.6 mile hike; avoid on weekends as crowds can be atrocious
NH Emerald Pool nice pool on way to hike Baldface Mountains; popular with summer camping groups; fun and relatively safe cliff-jumping
NH Lower Ammonoosuc Falls huge pool below very small set of cascades; generally considered safer than nearby Upper Ammonoosuc Falls; short, easy hike; in low water, there is a neat little cave you can duck into it
NH Lower Falls (Albany) the most popular swimming hole in New England; hundreds will visit this site off the Kancamagus Highway on weekends; $3 parking fee
NH Pollards Mills private property with allowed access; easy access
NH Swiftwater Falls (Bath) huge & relatively warm pool below covered bridge; two waterfalls on site; beautiful spot where you could easily spend an entire day; easy access
NH Thirteen Falls requires a hike of 8 miles one-way; visit only on 80-degree plus days as pools are typically frigid; probably the finest backpacking swimming hole destination in New England
NH Upper Ammonoosuc Falls notoriously dangerous swimming hole near the Cog Railway that's only safe under low water conditions; cliff-jumping is extremely popular here, but do NOT attempt in high weather as many people have died over the years
VT Bartlett Falls a personal favorite; has a cave behind waterfall that you can jump through; one of the biggest (and best) swimming holes in New England
VT Bingham Falls absolutely gorgeous waterfall and small pool; the water color is exquisite; short but steep hike required; do not swim unless water levels are low
VT Bolton Potholes complete party zone with good but semi-dangerous cliff-jumping; be wary of bringing your children here on summer weekends
VT Buttermilk Falls (Ludlow) set of three waterfalls, two of which have excellent swimming opportunities; easy access; popular with families and children love this place
VT Falls of Lana unique falls with small pool below
VT Jay Branch Gorge also called Four Corners, this swimming hole has good cliff jumping
VT Old City Falls locally popular set of two swimming pools below impressive segmented waterfall; nudity is sometimes common here
VT Pikes Falls nice alternative to nearby Hamilton Falls, which is typically dangerous and overcrowded; easy short hike
VT Terrill Gorge less crowded than other VT swimming holes; neat gorge; moderately difficult access; can be cold as swimming hole doesn't see much sun
VT Twenty Foot Hole set of three swimming holes; uppermost swimming hole has the deepest water; always check depth first before jumping!; fun place
VT Warren Falls one of the premier swimming holes of VT in our opinion. Outstandingly fun, but also very popular; we've heard that water quality can be iffy from time to time


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